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About Us

Welcome and thanks for visiting us at Savvy Sous Vide. We are grateful to have the opportunity to serve you and to support your foodie lifestyle, wellbeing and love of the culinary arts.


Savvy Sous Vide was formed from the desire to bring high quality, initiative, and cutting edge products to the marketplace and your kitchen!
We care deeply for and share your passion for making perfectly cooked, awe-inspiring dishes. We too love cooking, and want to enjoy it to the fullest.  Whether in a restaurant kitchen or cooking at home….Savvy Sous Vide understands.  It can be difficult, if not impossible to achieve the highest standard of culinary perfection without a reliable, versatile Sous Vide cooker or Vacuum Sealer. We at Savvy Sous Vide believe that the high quality options we offer in our store truly give a limitless cooking advantage.
At Savvy Sous Vide we live by 3 core company values:
Business Integrity
We always adhere to the highest standards of ethics and professional behavior in our business operations.
Embrace openness and honesty for thriving relationships in business and life. Savvy Sous Vide stands out from other online stores with its strong and positive connections.

Plain and simple, we are here for YOU, the customer.  Our aim is to provide an exceptional level of service that leaves a lasting impression. We are committed to delivering excellence in customer service and constantly strive to offer unparalleled value.
Bon Appétit